Programmable Electronic Deadbolts

Computer Managed Locking System

The Programmable Electronic Deadbolt is the newest member of Schlage’s total access control solution. Typically used for unit and bedroom access, this computer-managed, stand-alone locking system offers the latest technology for key management and access control. Using the simple Security Management System Express software, credentials can be added or deleted from the lock within minutes. Your residents and employees will appreciate the convenient access to all areas of the property with just one credential.

For the property manager, the Programmable Electronic Deadbolt saves time and money by eliminating the need to re-key or replace locks due to turnover or lost/stolen keys. And when used in conjunction with other Schlage locking solutions, every door of your property can be properly secured and managed with one security management system.

The Programmable Electronic Deadbolt delivers the latest features in security innovation to give both you and your residents the peace of mind that comes with real security.